How to fix not recieving emails from MailHawk with hosted SiteGround email.

Do you have your email inbox hosted with SiteGround and you’re not receiving emails sent from MailHawk?

SiteGround has implemented a system to cut down on spam called MailSpamProtection. MailSpamProtection includes a feature called Greylisting which requires services like MailHawk to send an email twice before it’s inboxed.

This means it can take up to 15 minutes for you to recieve an email.

You can bypass this feature by whitelisting emails from MailHawk in the MailSpamProtection console.

Whitelist emails from MailHawk in SiteGround

Open Site Tools in your SiteGround account.

Open the Spam Protection console.

Login to the console.

Don’t be intimidated by the interface, we know exactly what we’re looking for!

Open the sender whitelist settings page.

Click add whitelist sender

A modal will open up with some options.

Select Apply to Envelope Sender and enter * as the value in the address field.

Emails sent from the MailHawk service will now bypass the greylisting feature and reach your inbox instantly.

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