Using MailHawk for a Multisite Network

If you have a Multisite network and plan to use MailHawk here’s what you need to know.

You can either activate Mailhawk individually on each site or network activate it.

Network Activating MailHawk

You can network activate the MailHawk plugin so that it is active on all subsites.

Only connect to the main site.

You only need to connect to the MailHawk service on the main site. Your subsites will not need to connect separately, they will also not be able to manage or view stats from the subsites.

Select a Sender domain.

From your authenticated domains, select 1 which will operate as the fallback sender domain for all your subsites. Your subsites will piggyback on that domain so they don’t have to go through the DNS authentication process.

Individually Activating

You can individually activate MailHawk on each subsite as well. In this case, the MailHawk management screen will be available in the tools section of each page, and each subsite will count towards your Mailhawk activation limit.

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